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Authentic Pomade Mens Hair Styling


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So your looking for a product with a fantastic smell and great hold? Underground Pomade is an authentic pomade that provides all of this. 

Spread it in your hands and distribute it through your hair. Finish your styling endeavor with your hands or comb. While it is ideal for high elevation styles such as pomps and slick backs it is also great for messy, wet looks for thick or curly hair. 

For maximum hold and minimum shine, thoroughly dry your hair before applying Underground Pomade. Looking for a low hold and maximum shine? Apply it to towel dried (but damp) hair. 

For a flake free, clean product that allows for restyling throughout the day, choose our Underground Pomade. 

A super-versatile styling product that provides structure, control and reliable hold without stiffness or residues. A professional product for a wide variety of styling options.

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