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UNDERGROUND BARBER | Wacky Beards Trends

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Underground Barbers 5 Favorite Wacky Beard Trends

We would say that the majority of the general public likes to stick with the more generic, “within the scope of normal” trends when it comes to their facial hair. After all, those looks follow current trends and are generally acceptable both at work and your grandma’s house for holiday dinner. This piece right here is dedicated to the risk takers, the gamblers, and the men who think so far outside the box that it is just outright wacky. Our top 5 wacky beard trends, and how to care for them if you choose to defy grandma’s old school taste, at your service:

Rainbow Beards

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This look might not just get you noticed because of the outrageous rainbow colors, but also because it may have you prancing around like a unicorn post coloring service. Give this a go at your next family get together, or high school reunion, and see how many looks you get. I bet that cheerleader who ignored you in grade 10 might just be begging for your digits after seeing this masterpiece, don’t you? Achieve this look temporarily with the help of hair chalk. Mentioned again below, it is a simple procedure: simply buy the chalk and color it onto your beard. It is temporary and will wash out with Underground Barber Tea Tree Shampoo and then make sure to hydrate after with Underground Barber Beard Oil to protect and moisturize your beard and skin.

Merman Beards

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The man in this picture pulls this look off so well it makes us want to run to our local hairstylist and try out this merman hair trend. You’re going to want to definitely utilize the Underground Barber Beard Oil and the Underground Barber Beard Moisturizer due to the potential this look has to damage your hair. You will want to leave the coloring to a professional, who will most likely bleach out the pigment of your hair and then recolor it with a bright hue of your choice (though we are loving this electric blue). Another option for coloring your beard temporarily is hair chalk, which is a pretty simple process similar to drawing with chalk. Hair chalk is simple, easy, and temporary. This look is definitely one to get you noticed.

Flower Beards


This soft and feminine man is sporting a full and flowery beard, reminding us of something we may have seen at Woodstock in the 1960’s. Those wanting to pull off a romantic yet grizzly look should definitely give this wacky beard style a try, perhaps give it a go on a first date or a job interview. It will show the world your sensitive side. Using a mixture of honey and bobby pins, coat your beard and then apply the floral selection of your choice. Once you have tired of the look, which is likely to be right after you put it on, make sure to wash your beard well (perhaps with Underground Barber Tea Tree Shampoo) and then work in the Underground Barber Beard Oil.

Glitter beards

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Well… this is just fabulous, isn’t it? The glitter beard became a holiday sensation sometime in 2015 and while we haven’t seen any in person the pictures are sensational. This Bearded Warrior pulls off these gold specks of glitter like a pro, making even the most serious of office executives want to grow a beard and get it glittering. The run down on how to get this look: coat your beard in Underground Barber Beard Oil, pick out the glitter color of your choice, and sprinkle on top of your beard and your good to go. Head off to your holiday party, your most despised cousin's wedding, or see how your boss likes it (don’t do that).

“Just…what?” beards

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We had to save this one for last because of the “WHAT??” factor. I mean… nothing else on this blog would quite measure up to this guy, right? Measuring in at 1.5 meters long, this picture is of Hans Steininger. Legend has it he tripped on his beard, broke his neck, and died. For your own safety, we don’t endorse trying to pull this style off. You may not make it to grandma’s to try and wield away her scissors while trying to enjoy her famous holiday pie. If we could recommend a product for this man, who is the ultimate Bearded Warrior, it would probably be some Underground Barber Beard Moisturizer. And by some, we mean a few bottles of the stuff.

-Lindsay Roundtree

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