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Skin Care Routine for the Bearded Warrior and Clean Cut Hero

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Skin Care Routine for the Bearded Warrior and Clean Cut Hero

All too often we see a run of the mill company marketing their skin care lines towards women, leaving men in the dust. What many men (and, it seems, cosmetic companies) don’t realize is that men’s skin care is extremely important. If you are a Clean Cut Hero, you are shaving your face every day. The skin on your face is not only thinner than that on the rest of the body but it is also highly sensitive. For you, bearded warrior, caring for the skin underneath your beard is also something to pay close attention to. We are here to give you the run down on male skin care, and the importance of developing a skin routine (no matter which style you choose).

The obvious first step is to wash your face. Leave your skin damp (but not soaked) and apply a good facial moisturizer. Your damp skin will absorb the moisturizer more effectively, leaving you with soft and supple skin all day long. If you are a Bearded Warrior, grab your bottle of Underground Barber Beard Oil. Dispense this sandalwood scented product into your hands and then work it into the skin under your beard, which generally gets little attention as it is covered by your grizzly facial hair. To soothe any irritated skin and to soften your beard, work into your beard and skin the Underground Barber Beard Moisturizer to hydrate both your beard and skin at the same time. Consider this your morning “Kill two birds with one stone” routine.

For the Clean Cut Hero, an aftershave is essential to avoid irritated skin. It is likely that you shave daily (or every other day) if you want to keep your clean-cut appearance. While maintaining this look is very attractive, it isn’t attractive when you are covered in razor burn, bumps, and feeling uncomfortable all day long. As with the above instructions, wash and moisturize your face. After you have thoroughly worked in your moisturizer and let it set in for a minute or two, reach for the Underground Barber Sandalwood Aftershave Balm. This product will be a lifesaver (sorry, “skin saver”) for your delicate facial skin. Combined with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil produced by sandalwood, your skin will be bump free, smell fantastic, and be ready to take on the day ahead.

Don’t let marketing companies fool you into thinking that you, as a man, are not in need of skin care. If anything, you are more in need of a skin care routine for your face. Women don’t have to worry about growing out a handsome beard or fret over shaving their face daily. With the skin on the face being as sensitive as it is, it is important you implement a skin care routine immediately and make sure to choose high-quality products as well.

-Lindsay Roundtree

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